California Driver Ed FAQs

If you are between the age of 15½ and 17½ and would like get a permit in the state of California, you must complete California driver education. You can begin our course at the age of 14. This course fully satisfies California driver ed requirements and is accepted by the California DMV.

Yes, this course has been approved and accepted by the California DMV. Ca License 3582.

The state requires the driver ed course be a minimum of 25 hours (without breaks included).

The curriculum is designed from that standpoint, however, you may take more or less time depending on your cirucmstances.

This course can be taken anytime, anywhere with access to the internet. Plus, you can complete at your own pace. So if you wish to finish a section at a time, or whatever best fits your schedule, the course saves your progress each time you log off. And you are guaranteed to pass!

No, the system saves your progress each time you log out so you can take the online driver ed course at your own pace.

Yes. The driver education course is 100% online. This allows you to complete your requirement before you go to the DMV to apply for your license.

We will provide you a certificate at the end of the course to take to the DMV. You will also need to take certain California DMV Required Forms to verify your identity.

Your certificate is processed the day you graduate. Please allow 10 business days to receive it via U.S. first class mail. There is no extra charge.

Yes, all applicants will need to pass a 46 question written exam at the DMV after completing the driver education course.

View the full permit checklist to prepare you for getting your California driver permit.

You can start our driver’s ed in California when you are 14 years old. You can your learners permit 6 months after you 15th birthday. The minimum age depends on the provider.

You can apply for a provisional license once you turn 16 years old, but all driving restrictions will be lifted once you turn 18 years old.

The permit test in CA has 46 questions total, which means you need to answer 38 correctly to pass. If you are worried about passing the river permit exam you should consider taking our permit prep